Pyschosis my lersonaly disorder Sophia

Theres something really really bad coming. I feel like I’m enslaved and there’s no getting out of schizophrenia. Soo Babylon I just read a poem abt what happened… Um i feel cursed by God a little bit bc im like lucifer only I’m mying to myself and tricking myself.
I know i married this guy. I know damn well hes like God. I dreamt heaven. But i have an illness and I’m denying it all completely. Even the urgency I’m denying it and it feels literally real. I got pulled physically… Its like im bound to have these circles and dilusions in my mind.
I saw mysf happy and in love with my husband.
Saw heaven.
But I am mentally ill amd I’m poisoning myself only the circles amd reels of tape won’t go away. Sun amd the moon. This lower evil being…
I know its a lie and im mentally ill… Just a part of my psychosis.

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