Putting the fun in dysfunction

Am I a licensed bus driver? Yes.

Would I also do this? Hells yes.



Too nutty. Now are you a grey or a red squirrel?

Thanks for the laugh. Lol.


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Definitely grey. Not sure if they make Just For Men for aging gingers?

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haha. Drove a lot of equipment over the years but nothing big on the road! Don’t know how you do it. Too many idiots and not enough manholes in my world! Gawd. I only drive to the city two to three days a week and it’s nuts these days. Too much traffic and too many people who can’t or don’t want to drive responsibly. Can’t imagine doing that in a bus!!!

Hats off to you @velociraptor !


It’s actually not so bad. The nice thing about driving a Greyhound sized bus is that when you hit the turn signal in heavy traffic and start edging over … you suddenly get all the space you need. Size matters.

I’m trying to talk Mrs. Squirrel into letting me buy a classic MCI coach and camperizing it. Could be fun!




Mate. That would be one cool project!!!

Some of those Buses have enough room to do totally cool home builds in. Great comfort and your bigger than a tiny house!

Much respect!

I want to live in a bus down by the river but you can’t do that if you’re living in a bus down by the river.

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The best camper buildout award goes to one of your charmingly insane fellow countrymen:


No one in the world will ever top this.

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