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I’m reading some articles that lsd could help with schizophrenia, anybody have any advice?

I can’t imagine a psychedelic like that being recommended for a person with a psychotic illness.

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I gave up drugs when I went psychotic and haven’t looked back.

Not a good idea friend. Could make things way worse!

I’m personally my gonna try it but I was just curious if anyone asked done it

Not since being diagnosed or even when I was getting sick. I imagine it would just be hard if the trip ever went south bc it lasts so ■■■■■■■ long. I miss that feeling the day after tho, it was like a mix of being content, happy, blissful nirvana, idk but haven’t felt anything like it. Not recommending drugs blah blah blah just had to say that in case someone felt they had to say something that I’m supporting it

This thread should be closed. It’s not good to promote the use of something like Lsd amongst psychotic people.