Putting in a complaint so upset today

I was called into my GP surgery for an annual appointment a couple of weeks ago and I’m feeling quite bullied by the same receptionist on the phone who repeatedly over months causes problems for me.

I had to cancel yesterday because i was away and the taxi did not show up to pick me up. I called again today to rebook and here’s is how it went.

I need to book a doctors appointment.

Can I ask what your calling for?

Excuse me?

I need to know the basic details so I can put it into the system

I’m going to discuss my driving licence.

Sorry but you can’t discuss that’s weekdays.

Well I’m also going to discuss a few other things like medication and hormones.

*pause *sigh. Hold on a moment. *puts me on hold to discuss it.

*comes back and says to me. “This was. 30 min appointment.

Me “your the one who called me in for it”

HEr “ok hold on”

Her “ok is next week on Friday ok?

Me “yes that’s fine”

I’m so sick of this woman every time I call. She is provoking me to the point I want to yell.

Don’t stress it too much about it, it’s just her job to ask questions imo

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I actually don’t see anything wrong this exchange, what part of it annoyed you?

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Because it’s really none of her business why I’m seeing my doctor what ever happened to patient doctor confendiality. Also the sighing on the phone was just bad attitude. And the whole “discussing” as to whether my reason was sufficient for coming in was OK when they were the ones that called me in for an annual in the first place was absaloutly appalling.

It was nothing but only trying to provoke. If they want to be treated with respect they ought to respect us.

If this was the only instance I’d had an issue with this person i wouldn’t be putting in a complaint BTW. But she has a big attitude problem

I honestly don’t see the issue, either. It sounds like she needed to know how to code the appointment in the schedule, and she probably forgot who you were because she deals with hundreds of patients. In the US, they always ask you what the appointment is for, and you’re expected to answer. Receptionists also have to follow confidentiality laws.

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All receptionists have to ask, if they didn’t how would they ever know which doctor to direct you too, it’s not anything personal I promise :slight_smile:

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