Putin's Next Move?

Putin has announced today that Russia will be withdrawing most of its forces from Syria. Look out Europe!!!
Yes this one is real.

I don’t think we should be meddling so close to Russia’s borders. We’ve started another arms race, and this time it is our fault.

I agree that the US has probably drawn the line on Russia too far east after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the proposed missile defense in Poland was provocative. But Putin looks like another dictator who have absolute control of his country (I found it sadistically amusing when he praised an opposition leader last year that he obviously had killed. It reminded me of reading about Stalin who would say something nice to someone who was purged the next day.) and he is becoming more militaristic and ambitious and the former Soviet states have good reason to worry. I do find it interesting however that Putin is losing a lot of troops because he is not using air power in Ukraine. I guess that air raid sirens going off in Kiev would alarm the World and increase the sanctions which have helped to keep him in check for now. I think he hoped the EU would give up on the sanctions, or he wanted to be low key so it would look like the ethnic Russians were winning the war on their own initiative. If energy prices rise again Russia will become stronger and the low prices may be keeping him in check as well. Time will tell.

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