Put the I in Health IT

Health IT is all about YOUR health, YOU should manage YOUR OWN health care. Regardless of the diagnosis. I think alot of Dx codes are flat out wrong
You can have a psychosis over a tick bite and get coded Sz. Logon to your doctors website, if they don’t have one, demand a copy of the records, your health record belongs to YOU, not your doctor.


I actually know someone who was diagnosed as schizophrenic because of Lyme disease psychosis…five years later and they’re still saying it’s schizophrenia as it’s never fully gone away despite the Lyme disease being treated.

As for those patient records…I tried my best to get the records from my first doctor and a therapist he’d referred me to and then LIED when it took a turn for the weird saying he wouldn’t have made this referral and that it must have been a doctor with a similar sounding name…who’d been deceased for five years!

Never got one page from that doctor and received exactly two pages of intake notes from the therapist…this was supposed to be the results of six months of weekly sessions…two pages.

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that’s my point, get your medical recrods, they are YOUR records. goto the health record HIM department, they will give them to you, it may cost you $1 or so for copying. Look at them, if you don’t agree, or respect what’s in there, find a new doctor!

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I looked for health records dept in my state and everything I saw applied only to patients of the state hospital which I never was. I always saw a private practitioner and went to private hospitals/treatment programs…

I seriously doubt I’ll ever really see these records, and they could really clear a few things up for me, but I doubt I’ll see them. I mean if other doctors don’t even hear boo back from the guy after requesting them what am I going to do about it? There’s even the possibility that there ARE no more records to speak of…

the doctor won’t give them to you, not his job. the health information management HIM department will, the HIM department is part of the business office. You can call the office and request records and they will comply.

my anger in all of this is I had the diplopia prior to my first psychosis. people treated me like ■■■■ in the psych hospital, I watched them, both the pdocs and my family. if I keep biking, I can’t think straight.

I may have forgotten my thyroid meds too, i’m not sure, or maybe they don’t work when I look like this, I don’t know.

my family didn’t tell them about my eye, my eye did this first, 3 years ago, AFTER this, I had a psychsis. the haldol does nothing but this again, to my eye, and my mouth

nobody talked to me after they locked me up, pisses me off. and when I did attempt to explain this, of course, it was a delusion… the eyelid always drooped, not that bad, and I’ve always had the double vision after the first time, the bastards didn’t listen to me. I would complain my heart felt slower and my blood pressure was going up, bastards wouldn’t listen, scared the hell out of me, I did think I was going to die in there

here’s my feet from last week, my NEUROLOGIST wrote this down, yes, because I think NEUROLOGISTS know what they hell they are doing. your heart and lungs can stop with a MG crisis, it wasn’t a skull ■■■■■■■ hallucination, they, the pdocs, scared the ■■■■■■■ hell out of me, which probably made the MG worse

pdocs are a bunch of arrogant freaks as far as I’m concerned, along with their stupid staff.
just my experience, and I’m happy to share it to save the rest of us from this nightmare the pdocs claim is medicine. I feel like I could have died in there locked up with those freaks.

Um, no they will not…believe me, myself as well as professionals (with my consent) have tried.

records department? This is a small psychiatric practice we are talking about here. There are no departments…there’s a receptionist and a couple of psychiatrists period. Believe me, what I’m saying is that I’ve tried multiple times to request a copy of my record during my treatment here. I’ve spoken with him, I’ve spoken with his receptionist (who referred me to him) I’ve had other psychiatrists as well as entire treatment programs request (with my consent) a copy of my records and nobody has ever received a copy.

I know how to request these records as I’ve done so successfully in the past (just not from this particular doc or anyone he referred me to)

and when, as I said, I spoke directly to him about it he made noises of hesitation for a good while before saying “Okay, okay I’ll send you something” Did I ever receive anything? No. No one has.

i had one hospital do this too to social security, even social security requested the records, and we never received anything. I understand what you’re saying.

  What should I do if my doctor does not give me access to my records?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Privacy Rule gives you, with few exceptions, the right to inspect,
review, and receive a copy of your medical records and billing records
that are held by health plans and health care providers covered by the
Privacy Rule. If you want a copy, you may need to pay for copies and
mailing. If you request an electronic copy of protected health
information, a covered entity is required to provide you with such
electronic copy to the extent it is readily producible. In most cases,
you should get your copies within 30 days.

A provider cannot deny you a copy of your records because you have
not paid for the health services you have received. If you believe that
your doctor or other health care provider violated your health
information privacy right by not giving you access to your medical
record, you may file a HIPAA Privacy Rule Complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights. The easiest way to file a complaint is to go through the HHS Office for Civil Rights. If you have questions about privacy, security, or HIPAA, visit the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) privacy website . You can also search OCR’s HIPAA FAQ database.

For more information about your right to access your records, visit the HHS
Office for Civil Rights.

this really is irritating, each doctor gets $40,000 a year in meaningful use dollars to implement health records, the little office should give you a copy of your damn records, they are collecting the money from the government.