Put on the coffee its going to be a long night.....!

talking about anything here…I well start, how about those polors winds out from the north. bet we have a hell of a lot bed storms this spring!


What kind of coffee do you drink DrZen? I just drink instant. :coffee:

It’s relatively warm and sunny here in Northen California, but we’re expecting overnight lows to drop to the twenties later this week (which is cold for California).

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I don’t like long night much. but if I move in with my relatives, I’ll probably have to stay up all night and sleep during the day. :confused:

can humans even do that? :confounded:

^ well, I guess we can. :smiley:

I found a old peculator coffee maker it make coffee in to motor oil…so it never maters what you put in to it …its good coffee…!

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That’s very funny :smile:

I used to sleep during the day when I was unmedicated. Why do you have to sleep during the day if you move in with relatives?

quite crowded and probably won’t have any open bed during the night. :confused:

beggars can’t be choosers though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I inherited a Kuerig coffee maker when I got married, so it’s all about the coffee pods now. I like Gevalia and Don Francisco brands. I put one Stevia packet and some chocolate soy milk in my coffee. :yum:

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