Pushed my partner too far

My father in law came over and said some stuff about me. Including the whole BS that I’m faking hearing voices. I told him I don’t take hearing voices and he just walked out saying whatever just get this shithole cleaned up.

While I was next door cleaning my partner went to her parents side of the house to help my mother in law. My mother in law said i hears some stuff got started next door and my partner told her what my father in law said. Before I guess my mother in law had a chance to say anything my father in law started ■■■■ again. My partner according to my mother in law went off about the things he said. I dont know what happened for sure but I just feel like I’m a terrible person. He acts like I can control it or that I’m making it up. I really don’t want to be here right now


Tell him to ■■■■ off. Go find a dingus.

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It doesnt concern.you what some people …your father in law…makes up in his mind. You cant fix him.


Yeah. He’s just very very frustrating. He knows that there are times I struggle. He just picks his times to accept it

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i hope you feel better. Some people can really push the wrong buttons. Hang in there. Don’t let this get to you

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