Purposeless internet browsing

How should one find purpose…

Use a news aggregator. It lets you pick and chose the content you receive. RSS feeds as well.
I still use feedly.

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Just google it. lol

can’t seem to find it anywhere also

Find something that means enough to you that makes you motivated to act upon it.
Can’t do this hiding from life observing it from the internet only, got to get out and participate in life.

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I’m just afraid of… everything.

Life doesn’t require participating in it, because it just goes on with or without your consent.
What are you afraid will happen if you get involved? …you might actually enjoy it.
Don’t wait until your last breath to realize you missed out and want another chance.

Its more like how my mind works from second to second, it analyzes every bit of information about anything and anyone and immediately considers it an enemy. i am working on this in twice-a-week CBT.

Ive made progress, but it’ll be years before im highly functioning.

I’ll go out and say it: I think that’s a cliche. When fear dominates nearly anything seems impossible.

whats a cliche? “what are you afraid of?”

You’re asking what am I afraid of?

Lol noooo, i was asking what you thought was a cliche…

So what, so am I. but I can’t wait to get back to work and going to AA again.

“Bravery isn’t lack of fear. Bravery is being afraid of something and doing it anyway”.

We can’t all be brave and I’m certainly not brave but I trust in luck and putting out effort and doing what I can. If that means looking the hoods at the 7-11 near my house in the eye than I do it. I’m the biggest coward but that doesn’t mean everyone else is brave, it just means they know more about how to get away with stuff. I remember the toughest guy in high school crying in front of a whole packed class because he was so frustrated when someone he was bullying refused to be intimidated. It may be cowardly but it’s incidents like that, that keep me going.

The cliche part was referring to this.
Everybody says it to the point of exhaustion.

Ah. i agree.

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Wonder why.
No one thinks this will happen to them until it is to late for them.
Wasted life if you don’t use it, but then again, no penalties.