Pure heart

hi . you know all my life i worried about my brain health and also my soul

now i am thinking of my heart. i am all alone so who am i supposed to love?

i love my family mostly for being so kind and loving to me.

do you get my drift here? i want to love and can only love my family.



Are you well enough to consider dating?

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Your time will come. You’ll meet a guy and just want nothing more than a relationship with him.


chordy abd zannah. i only hope so. i do feel up to dating but never again blind dates for me. too hazardous.

i appreciate your bringing it up – the idea of dating. also i need to feel my heart with my community and others. only they get me so angry…

hugs, judy

Since getting my dog I have been able to focus on him, and his needs.

Much rather look after him than get involved with another human

Animals, and especially dogs are loyal companions and friendly.

I was done with humanity a longgg time ago

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