Punta cana

I’m going to Punta Cana for a 7 day all inclusive vacation!!!

Even though I have vitiligo and I should never be in the sun, I never took a vacation with my boyfriend, I might not get married ever, I have batches of my skin losing pigment, I will look like micheal jackson soon, I have a lot to be grateful for and I guess I’m living the best days of my life nowadays. I’m gonna go, relax and have a lot of fun. Life is short!!!



Here’s some vacation music for you! :wink:

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aww I’m gonna have the time of my life. I had so many rough days and I had a lot of symptoms this month. I wish I can let go. <3 have you been to the Caribbean’s>?

Just Cuba on my Honeymoon. Beautiful country, but the people?..meh…

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I will go to cuba too one day. I heard they make their own ketchup. I’m going five stars to punta cana and gonna enjoy to the max!!! <3 hope we can really meet @Patrick I will definitely visit Ottawa this summer. Have you been to Montreal?

Sounds like fun!

I grew up in St. Bruno, about a half hour outside of Montreal.

When you come to Ottawa we’ll go to Red Lobster with my wife and show off my kids to you. :sunny:

(I remember you said you used to come to Ottawa for Red Lobster)

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I’m sorry to hear about your condition, sleepybug. That’s tough. Yes, life is short and the older you get, the faster that time flies by.

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My sister in-law has Vitiligo. She’s still beautiful like you.

Don’t fret. I read they have topical creams that can manage it.


Sounds like fun! Hope it’s everything you want it to be!!!

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I want to get out to the beach and have some food and a walk along the shore. Havent been there in seems like over a year.

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That’s great buggy :smile: Hope you have a great time!

Sorry to hear about that skin thing.

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That is so wonderful for you ! wow.

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Enjoy @sleepybug

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ohhh that sounds great. we should plan it :o) I will message you. I’d love to meet your kids. Just don’t laugh on my english accent. :o) you’ll meet my boyfriend too.

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