Punked by mentalhealthsystem

Don’t know, maybe i got punked by the mentalhealthsystem.

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Think you’re just paranoid because your not talking to them.

I talked to them but they didn’t talk to me and duped me.

Unfortunately, the mental health system is plagued by a lack of resources. Sometimes harried case managers say things just to make a client go away because they don’t have time to give clients the type of individual attention they should. There have been several times I was just patted on the butt and told to go away.

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The only answer they got is medication until you stop asking and question.

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That seems to be it. They could probably use a few people who’s sole role is to do counseling.

They are able to refer you.

I still hope they will make time to give individual attention.

I tried to turn a sugar pill into the ignorance I started out with and came down with a placebo effect that forced me to either become diabetic or deal with my ignorance and my shadow.

My dad was really into this Singer Song Writer in the seventies, his name was Neil Diamond. Here is one of my favorite songs from Neil Diamond:

There’s a lot of people in the mental health system who need to be shown what time it is.
Nothing worse than an abusive nurse or a callous doctor who tells you that you’re screwed basically.
I had this happen to me at an aftercare program and it did a lot more harm then good.

??? I don’t understand what you mean?

Is neil diamond a recovered schizo?

I think i am old schizophrenic with 47 years. My first psychotic outbreak was in 1988.