Punishing myself by not letting myself have friends

Something my mother did. Then, there were times when I was not able to know the difference between mother and myself.
A radio quiz once asked “When did know when you had become your parents?” and the people spoke of a behavior. I’m still getting over a bad behavior that was both mother’s and mine.

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Are you likable? If so, you should get friends easily.

I’m not particularly likeable. My tense face gives the message “Social life is just a headache to me.” That’s it most of the time.

You should make a bit of an effort and try to get to know people.
I also have trouble making friends. It’s all of my own making, my illness and life circumstances make it 10 times harder. But I am trying and doing my best to get to know people.

I’m the same. Somebody tried ranting at me in broken English. It was just nonsense to me and I just thought it was incoherent ramblings.

Being a good social animal is to endure other people’s ■■■■■■■■.

Maybe I just need better companions.

i can make “friends” easily but it’s really hard keeping friends for me cause i’m socially awkward…

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