Punching bag benefits

Each day when I wake up and the onslaught of my illness occurs. I eat a nutritious meal then unleash all the negativity that is inside my head on my bag. I yell illness leave! And obscenities towards MI that torment my being. Its a temporary fix that enhances concentration and focus. And has a calming effect. I recommend working your way up to 15 minutes of punches, kicks, knees, elbows. Be aggressive and knock your illness out. Stay strong.


seems like a great release. do you drink a lot of caffeine?

Why would I drink a lot of caffeine? That keeps from sleeping at night.

I used to do this…

i was just wonderin bro. like how much u drink

I don’t. How much do you drink?

Sounds very relieving. I play the drums and I’ve done that before with the drums.

hey man. thats cool u dont drink it. ive had a lil theory that caffeine could cause schizo symptoms in people. but i guess thats not the case with you.

anyways i drink an energy drink when i wake up then maybe a weak tea. used to drink way more but cutting it way back has helped the schiz immeasurably

Why wouldn’t that be the case with me? I used to drink 2-3 Rockstars a day. I used to be mentally okay on it. Until things changed in my body now I can’t drink it no more. Because of symptoms like you said.

well i said i guess its not the case with you because u said your off caffeine but still symptomatic. right?

i never really liked rockstars. i like the coffee infused energy drinks. monster makes good ones. but im quitting after tomorrow.!

I used to do preworkout drinks to excess, it made me more psychotic but it gave me super powers. I would take doses meant for 225lb men when I was 160lbs. I had an episode this one night when I took 4 scoops of NOXPLODE, which is for what a 450lb man? Lol Never again…

Hard cardio work is a great temporary stress and depression reliever, and punching the bag will do it quick. I had to stop because of wrist problems. I go on bike rides now, or chop wood if my back is feeling up to it.

i tried that at my gym and loved it, the guy put the music up loud, mannn what a rush haha

lasted about 20 mins punching this big wobbly thing about, all most punched it over at one point and had to grab it haha felt like i was doing a few rounds with tyson, felt great,

i only lasted a few sessions tho and then i tried Aikido which was also using a Bokken and that, it was quite exciting and then i had to move and couldn’t go anymore

I actually have two belts in Krav Maga. I have gotten into powerlifting now so when I hit the back it goes flying, LOL. I was 17 when I learned Krav Maga, and I studied it on my own and went back when I was 19 and beat almost everyone in a sparring session. The lead instructor, who had just got a black belt, kicked my toenail off.

But still symptomatic? Where’d you get that one? I never said that. I’m off caffeine and stable for a decade.

lol man. read your first post on this thread. “onslaught of my illness occurs” etc.

I have a punching bag, but need a place to hang it. It sounds like a good stress reliever.

thanks for pointing that out oceanblue. I mean it in a way like, doesn’t most SZ people have a onslaught on illness sometimes?

Go to your sporting goods store and everlast sells mounts you can drill to into 2x4 on your ceiling. That’s the way I have my punching bag hung.

I have a steel jewelers block and a large hammer. When I get angry I like to put pieces of computers, cassette tapes metal objects on the block and smash them to bits. Pretty noisy, and the neighbors don’t understand, but it sure feels great when I’m done.