Pulled an all nighter the other night

I made up for it last night. Slept 17 hours


I never needed a cigarette so bad in my life :dash:

Was it sz keeping you up or were you engrossed in an activity?


I wasn’t doing much. I gave up sleeping at around 2 am and started drinking coffee. Because I was impatient, in a way :woman_shrugging:

But then yesterday at around noon, me and my friend smoked some Donald trump cbd weed.

Wow I’m actually not breaking any rules with that statement. The strain name was Donald trump and it was a cbd strain. It knocked me the F out for 17 hours. I only got up to pet Don Juan and eat some ice cream and apparently texted my friend “I found ur dad” in my sleep.

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Wow! That sounds like some wicked stuff. Please be careful.


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