Publicly admitting my SZA status

I am in the process of publishing online an essay about my journey with mental illness. I am going to post on Facebook that I am SZA. I am hoping to reduce stigma about mental illness but I am sacrificing my privacy to do this. Would anyone else do something like this?

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yes I share on facebook about my illness…I wrote a book about what I went through mentally when I was ill…good luck.

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Thank you jukebox! I am a little nervous but I am sure it will pass.

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Some don’t like to be public about their illness…I’m sure you will do fine…

I would like to share my faith and sz diagnosis on Facebook but my wife worries about how it will effect our kids .

My children are not on Facebook yet but I worry about that too. I do not know when I will disclose that to them.

I would,

But it really wouldn’t help de-stigmatize.

I’m pretty eccentric and prone to violence, so that really isn’t helping the cause.

I feel like everyone would just be like,

“Oh, yeah. She fits the profile…”

Also, its not really super secret for me,

I’m a writer and a lot of articles I do are about or related to mental illness.

But I support anyone who wants to disclose their illness,

I think it is very brave and opens up the possibility for conversation.

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I’m very selective but most people on my facebook feed would know. I’m open with family and friends. Most of my friends I’ve known since high school, so like 24 years of knowing me and seeing my through psychosis and depressive breaks.

Most of the older people know at my cricket club but there I’m a little bit selective. Some folk I just don’t bother with telling. If they are smart then they’ll figure it out.

It’s always your decision and hope it works out for you. So many folk these days suffer depression or anxiety…it’s a good thing to present a severe mental disorder…you may just change some minds and if You influence just one person to the good then that is a success!


I can’t do this. You are very brave.


My kids just kinda picked up on my wife and I talking about sz. So they know but their friends would find out and that’s what my wife worries about. I really don’t worry so much because as teens ,parents aren’t so cool to them anymore anyway. How old are your kids?

Well thanks for the responses. I hope it helps someone.

My children are 11, 9, and 6. Just today I told my oldest to turn off a video because I heard a curse word and she said, “Maybe you were just imagining things.” I think she is figuring things out.

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I told mine at maybe 11 or so , I think it’s a good move to be open with them. Especially at teen age I wanted to warn them to stay away from weed as they already are prone to sz more than there classmates. I’ts a good scare tactic to keep them away from drugs

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It is funny you mentioned that because I discuss that in my essay. I do think my SZA was triggered by pot and other drugs I experimented with.

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