Public Service Announcement/The Weekly News/Highest Importance πŸ™ƒ

In this weeks news:
The Emperor of Japans son has been kidnapped by aliens.

Ernie has come forth about allegations against touching Burt in his sleep.

Mr. Peanut has cracked up and is currently under psychological evaluation.

Peace talks between the Dolphins and Sharks still continue.

Man explains how eating cigarette stew is a healthy diet before puking on interviewer.

School drama club puts on play about how dinosaurs β€œdo it” at a public zoo. 8 chimpanzes are reported missing.

And can eating computer chips make you smarter? Find out next week

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Breaking News!

Yelling β€œO My God” repeatedly over a conversation makes you cuter reports sorority pledge. Find out if it does after these commercials.

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I hope you have enjoyed this broadcast of weekly news. Please enjoy the night :sunglasses::blush:

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