Public Service Announcement: Careful of Online Identity Theft on these Forums

Be careful about sharing personal information online here. There has been Identity Theft, Fraudulent Bank Charges, Unwanted Online Purchases, and violation of personal privacy.

If you or a loved one has downloaded anything from the Zenimax Corporation and you have noticed the Windows 1909 Update is acting up, you may be a victim of online and property theft, including intellectual properties such as copyrights and trademark inventions. Be aware, the Zenimax Corporation holds no responsibility due to the user agreement. the Windows 1909 Update was breached and there has been a mass data leak. For your personal safety, refrain from sharing personal and private life information.

Thank you for your time.

I owe so many people so much money, that the poor sap who steals my identity will never get a moment’s peace! :laughing:

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I have so little money that when my identity was stolen someone ended up in debt and then got themselves killed.

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