Public schools do more than just dumb down our kids

Schools make kids knowledgeable. If you are born with an incredibly gullible brain, then that brain will accept incoming data without ever questioning that data for it being true or false, correct or flawed, etc.

Thus such a student will absorb knowledge like the desert would absorb water. Thus the student will whip to being at the top of the class, whip through grade class, through high school and university, and pop out the other end with multiple PhD’s, or at least one PhD.

And so the whole purpose is to force people to assume that being knowledgeable, is being intelligent.

Meanwhile, those who are intelligent, learn slowly because they question everything.

The teachers then qualify them as being mentally handicapped people.


My teachers qualified me as being the dumbest person in the class. As a result of that, I dropped out of school, and thus I had no physics education.

So I thought I would give it a shot to see how difficult it would be to independently discover the phenomena described via Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity(SR), and to independently derive the SR mathematical equations. It was no more difficult than riding a bicycle.

Google KSP Special Relativity to see how I did It.

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Thank you J for having a heart bigger than the universe.

i wish i would have been able to attend a non religious private school. few of those around here, i think i’d rather go to public than catholic school.

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