PTSD w/SZ universal triggers?


The catalyst for my PTSD was the trigger to my SZ. When was the first time you knew? Was there a special event? I see many patterns in this area, and it’s overwhelming for the experience.


I can’t figure out what you mean by that. Are you saying that the same traumatic event that triggered your PTSD also triggered your schizophrenia?


I knew the moment I started kindergarten that I wasn’t like any of the other kids…

I had an epic night that was all in my head when I was 7. Ended up with a broken hand and a large cut down the side of my finger… needed a few stitches… (I punched a tree and later… cut my finger open)

Every year after… life got a little stranger and unexplainable.

I don’t think I said the words… “Please someone help me… I’m sick” until I turned 14 and a house fire badly hurt my 3 year old kid sis. I pretty much fell apart from 14 to 17.


Knew I was different since early elementary school. Didn’t realize I had issues with psychosis until sophomore year of hs.

Nothing triggered it, I’ve always had it, but things definitely exacerbate it or send me into episodes.


i didn’t actually “know” anything. i was paranoid of being attacked by a man or groups of men but then by the time i was 15 and half it had already happened many times so my reality caused my paranoia and it was specifically about being attacked by men. then after i was deliberately involved in a car accident that could’ve killed me, my paranoia broadened to encompass car crashes, especially on major roads. life went on until i was about 25 then the paranoia of being attacked got worse and kept me up all night on occasion…then i when i was 27 it was like i just exploded into psychosis…and i actually fell for it…for years…it was only in the past 3 or 4 years that i truly started to question the voices validity…i stopped believing in telepathy once i started researching the state of parapsycholoigcal experiments…both results for and against were taken into account and the whole thing just fell down. i also saw that my voices seemed to respond to certain tv programmes, if the triggers were there, my voices talked about it. if they weren’t it didn’t come up. so i guess i was about 36 when i figured out it wasn’t real and i was different not only from normies and abuse victims but a lot of people that heard voices aswell. it’s mighty funny that as soon as i discount one group of voices, another group of exactly the same voices crops up with one or two exceptions, saying that the first group were not telepathic but this new, improved group are. lol. it’s pretty laughable really, what these voices will say (once triggered) to get me to believe in telepathy but i don’t at all. maybe i’m too clever for my own good, i don’t know but i do know i’m not telepathic with anyone but myself. yes i’m different and now know it but i didn’t for years. i lived and breathed the voices being telepathic for years but not anymore. now i know in my heart, mind, body and soul that this is nothing more than a fragmented mind.