PTSD >>>> Schizophrenia: How to Break the Connection

Any stressor that is sufficiently intense and lasts long enough can do damage to the nerve chains that lead from the insula through the amygdala to the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA, see below). If the HPA is subjected to allostatic load (see below) long enough, the autonomic nervous system (ANS, see below) will slip into increasing “tilt” toward sympathetic branch “dieseling” (see below) and be increasingly unable to rebalance itself via the activity of the ANS’s parasympathetic branch. And the patient will begin to display the symptoms of PTSD.

Worse, if the person has the genetic predispositions for sz, PTSD may be enough to kick those genetics into florid sz, as in the diathesis-stress model (see below).

Anti-psychotics are used to help stop the dieseling, and as a result, help the ANS to rebalance, and as a result, to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. The cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based and somatic psychotherapies help the patient to prevent “thinking himself back into” allostatic loading.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT – & scroll down
Vipassana –ā

Get two or more of those “down,” and one can use the skills therefrom in this way to combat delusional thinking and emotional reactivity that causes allostatic loading very quickly:

10 StEP –

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