PTSD, Schizophrenia combo

Most times I’m uneasy and I then hyperventilate mentally, then the mystic paranoia starts.
I really don’t understand my inward feelings or simply run away from them.
Do you think this is describing schizophrenia or PTSD which is mostly my common,
Do you recognize your trigger’s.
What or how do you’re triggers trigger.
My pride to strengthen though it, is my go to, honestly I should be more broken

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Don’t know you well enough or know enough about medicine to say. You’ll want to go to a doctor or therapist for that sort of thing.

Yes. Therapy taught me to recognize what was setting me off.

I have the most trouble when I don’t manage my day-to-day stress well, then little things start to throw me off in big ways. I do know that there are certain things that will also really wind up my symptoms (reading news about UFOs for example, so I don’t do that - and it’s a huge problem for me every time some moron posts that crap here).


I have PTSD and Schizoaffective disoder (depressive type). I am not exactly sure what you are saying in what you wrote, but it sounds like me :crazy_face:. “Mentally hyperventilating” may be something similar to what I do which for me seems anxiety related. My thoughts and mental impressions spin sometimes as I get into hyper analysis of myself and whatever I am experiencing. My own thoughts scare me sometimes. I am also prone to so called mystical experiences which scare the begrims out of me. My psychotic break happened with the sudden onset of such an experience, for lack of a better word (than mystical) to describe it. But I am not sure what you mean when you personally used the terms “mystic paranoia.” I also run from and do not understand my inward feelings. I know I often do not recognize my triggers until after the fact. I am a confusing case to myself :upside_down_face:

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I think it needs very careful diagnosis…not random people on the internet shouting things. And psychiatrists are not gods either, even if they think they are…I’ve seen a lot of misdiagnosis in self and others. They switched me from PTSD, to sz, back to PTSD.

I learned my triggers. I did a lot of introspection for it, as well as reading about other people’s experiences, and psychology.

I need a lifestyle that is simple and healthy. With a clear assertion of my boundaries. Staying away from people or themes who upset or frighten me too much. When something bad happens, mostly around family or spirituality nowadays…I can either get a bit more scared and paranoid and hyped up. Or I completely switch to a part of me…that carries memories of abuse, and of my own failures, and feels extremely ashamed and unsafe. I go into fight/flight/freeze/fawn behaviour. If you think you may have PTSD, I think Pete Walker explains this well.

Not understanding your feelings well, happens with many problems, also sz and ptsd. I had no therapy, but think certain therapy forms like mentalisation-based therapy help it.


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