I know schizo is bad, I know PTSD is horrible also.

But together its just hell

I seriously think that when I overcame ptsd a bit, my schizophrenia got better too…or my schizo didn’t change but my quality of life overall sure did.


years of EMDR/ptsd therapy=ive finally felt I overcome PTSD

I dont think I had the worst case, but now that’s its gone, I know I had it. It can be overcome. But not without repetitive therapy for a long time

but in a way, schizo is def a bother till the end. But I believe PTSD is a bigger bother if you do nothing to fight it

is that a fair statement??

im sure everyones different but, that’s what I experienced. I dont know everyones situation but for me, ptsd was worse than schizo???

Hi Gratitude have you ever come across a term called Trauma bonding, and how it’s related to PTSD once you’ve realise this neck tie, it getts easy to untie your self.


One thing often asked by those in the helping profession when confronted with a person in an unhealthy relationship is, “Why do you stay?” This question has implications of weakness and failure on the part of the victim and usually causes shame. Rather than asking this question of a victim of abuse, it is best for a counselor to understand the concept of trauma bonding, and explain it to the individual who seems “stuck” in a bad relationship.

Trauma bonding is loyalty to a person who is destructive. While the idea of bonding tends to bring up connotations of something good and beneficial, trauma bonds are unhealthy. According to Patrick Carnes, in his book, Betrayal Bonds , there are a number of signs that a person is involved in an unhealthy bond with a partner or other significant person. Here are some thoughts to consider determining if you are in a trauma bond with someone:

  • There is a constant pattern of nonperformance , yet you continue to believe promises to the contrary.
  • Others seem disturbed by something that has happened to you or was said to you, and you are not.
  • You feel stuck because the other person keeps doing destructive things, but you believe there is nothing you can do about it.
  • You try to change the person into becoming less destructive by trying to get them to stop an addiction or become a non-abuser.
  • You keep having repetitive, damaging fights with this person that nobody wins.
  • You seem unable to detach from someone even though you can’t trust them or really don’t even like them.
  • When you try to leave this person you find yourself missing them to the point of longing that is so awfu l that you believe it is going to destroy you.

Usually trauma bonds occur in relationships involving inconsistent reinforcement , such as those with addicts and alcoholics or in domestic violence situations. Dysfunctional marriages also cause trauma bonds because there is always a time when things seem to be “normal.” Other types of relationships involving trauma bonds include cult-like religious organizations, kidnapping and hostage situations, those involving child abuse or incest, and unhealthy work environments.

The environment necessary to create a trauma bond involves intensity, complexity, inconsistency, and a promise . Victims stay because they are holding on to that elusive “promise” or hope. There is always manipulation involved. Victims are prey to the manipulation because they are willing to tolerate anything for the payoff, which is that elusive promise and ever present hope for fulfillment of some deeply personal need within the victim.

So often, those in a traumatic relationship are “looking right at it, but can’t see it.” Only after time away from the unhealthy attachment can a person begin to see the destruction it caused. In essence, people need to “detox” from trauma bonds by breaking them and staying away from the relationship.


I’m doing so much better I know trauma will always be there but I see it in such a more positive scope now. I’ve seen a trauma therapist for 4 years now consecutively. I think I had ptsd. And it’s still there albeit dormant.

I’m trying to tell myself “I have trauma, but not ptsd anymore”

I mean that could be true for a lot

Thanks for your responses sorry for taking so long to get back to u on the first response lol.

I feel this. I have PTSD tendencies at minimum according to hospital therapists–it’s ugly, having both. They feed into each other horribly. I end up even more paranoid of loved ones than I otherwise would.

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Thank you that’s exactly how I felt when I made this post. :pray: god bless

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They never diagnosed me with ptsd. I had acute stress disorder but they denied ptsd.

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I feel that

They never diagnosed me with ptsd because I’m not military or have abusive family Or was sexually, or physically assaulted much

However trauma can happen to anyone at anytime anywhere if you’re not mentally prepared to face it and have it manifest into an illness/disorder imo.

I noticed a different that I had changed, at one point. No longer suffering from trauma issues. My brain completely changed and that’s why I do believe I had ptsd at one point

My therapist might Have diagnosed me with ptsd but I think through therapy, medication and emdr and stuff I’ve overcome the disabling factors of trauma.

Thank you for your post.

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Can you explain acute stress disorder for me??? Maybe I’ll google it.hmmm

Okay gotcha. Interesting. Whatever it is, I’ve had a lot of anxiety. I’ve also been very insecure. Had some nightmares, flight or fight responses tingling. I think insecurity is more causation than correlation maybe though (maybe other way around idk)

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I always worry about people being out to kidnap and torture me. Trouble is, I was actually kidnapped at 19 and held against my will to be turned out. It makes it hard for me to believe it won’t happen when it already did happen.


I’m so sorry that happened to you @ZmaGal

My most traumatic experience is way different but also similar and at 19 years old.

I don’t blame anyone anymore. I took a lot of lsd and alcohol and weed and kids came into my parents house while my parents were on vacation. threw knives at the wall and messed With me and trashed the house, stole from me, threw a party while I was tripping and physically fought each other. And it was just a terrible nightmare and such.

However they were juvenile. So was I. But they were all 18/17 at the time.

I don’t think they knew any better

They were bad kids don’t get me wrong they laughed at me and made fun of me when I became psychotic afterwards instead of feeling bad but yeah I think I’m finally over it.

It ruined my life but it doesn’t trigger me much anymore so that’s good.

God bless and hope we are all safe in the future :crossed_fingers:

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What jerks! I’m so sorry that happened.

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Steve Jobs I think I read had a fear of being kidnapped.

I have it too… and the torture part is also there for me.

We can’t even complain about it all the way about it properly, since religulously J.C. went through it and it’s now an emblem now in every township.

This is my belief anyway and I trust myself on this one.

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I felt like i was a computer simulator in a past life. Basically thats what I call it. Not sure why but I think i know. I was chosen and possibly saved/lucky and unfortunate because people were jealous and didn’t believe it. It could have just been an experiment but looking back in 2011, that’s when I had my bad trip and was told by “God” im stuck in the matrix. Im a Christian, but won’t go into it.

They told me that its true inside the sim, but not outside the sim. I dont think they lied but it sounds backwards because I keep waking up in a damn sim from 2009ish onward with schizophrenia for eternity.

I kinda went insane in 2011 and cannot remember much in 2012 and 2013…

My entire life feels fake and manipulated and fabricated like my entire family are clones.

I’m okay with people not believing me and thinking im crazy.

I used to be rational and am atheist but went crazy when I experienced “God”.

Sort of like PkD/horselover fat and perhaps i was hit by a pink light like pkd. Im not sure. I cannot remember. Pkd said it was a satellite or aliens. I dont know and I just dont care anymore…

Wow, try to remind yourself that society doesn’t understand Sz, and it’s that isolation which is why you came down with feeling ‘special’.

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When you’re going through hell, keep going

The fact that things aren’t getting better is not proof that they won’t, nor is it some kind of time machine that tells you definitively that things won’t improve. (That was for everyone reading this)

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God too true. You don’t know what is psychosis and what is flashbacks. And the psychosis makes you further traumatized so the ptsd just gets worse.

For some reason seroquel has been making me get severe trauma nightmares, I’ll just suddenly be back in my old room where all the worst stuff happened to me. And I’ll have such a feeling of dread.

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