Ptsd at first stage

After a near death experience then that first year or two driving in thunderstorm or snow storm felt

cortisol build from my stomach and race through my veins. Should have known I had it but didn’t.

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I don’t like cortisol😐

yeah, it’s like this cold plasma, or something.

I don’t get it anymore though, it’d be rare.

What have you heard or felt about it? I heard that it causes enlargement of the belly.

isnt cortisol the basic stress chemical

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yeah, it goes to work to try to calm you down

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My body has an army of chemicals surging through it 24/7… its from the anger outbursts i had two years ago when i was psychotic … ive tried yoga, didn’t help. my brain still thinks im fighting

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Usually …I feel it it my abdomen stomach area. Like a spikey feeling…then it goes throughout my body . My hands get sweaty…it goes away when I move.
Cortisol is good when it’s not too much.
Something about how you get energy from it.
Really it lasts like a a couple minutes. If I have something important to do I’ll feel it. If I’m procrastinating I’ll feel it. If I know I’m about to go downtown or far I’ll feel it. I try to stay calm

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yeah, you almost feel high, or wired, so wide awake

I use to experience high levels of stress if something triggered my ptsd.

so maybe you think stages too? Might be different with everyone.

the nightmares were the worst, but even I’m dreaming actual dreams again.

it’s the triggers in situations I find myself in, don’t know how to desensitize yet.

Cortisol is responsible for causing the sensation of stress I thought? Elevated levels of cortisol are connected with high stress levels.

oh, I’ve read the body, the gut, naturally excretes it to help you calm down your brain.

Yep. Right from the adrenal cortex.
Cortisol is essential.
But too much(just like anything else) is detrimental.
My ways of coping with it is soothing thoughts…soothing mind music…
It’s easier managing cortisol levels than it is with my waves of emotions

The adrenal cortex comes from the adrenal glands. Those aren’t in the gut right? I’m looking it up now and everything I see says too much cortisol is bad :frowning: your parasympathetic nervous system and the neurotransmitter GABA I know help calm you down though!

I dunno, you learn something new everyday

Also daze sorry about your PTSD. Good luck to you on your recovery :sunny:

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ok, thanks, it’s been awhile since I read anything on it.

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Holy ■■■■! first year? Driving in a snow storm? Yes then, ten and then some on you. As for post traumatic stress disorder you have no idea. I was drivigng home in a two wheeeled drive pickup truck for which ever else you can say we come driving home in in which it’;s just me, and it’s like having played flight simulators as a kid I can sanely say it was like white nuckling an air plain landing is nothing…that’s what it was like. Holy ■■■■.

But anyway…yes…I had this diagnsosis. Traumatizedf? yes. Wannna talk to me about it? message me I guess.

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Yep you are right.
I mean it’s by your kidneys.
You know that feeling when I notice something or realize it’s almost time… It’s like a spikey feeling in my stomach area. I guess it depends on the amount released.

Tea and tunes🎶

Ptsd is extremely hard to cope with. I hope you feel better soon. I have a couple friends I knew in the military who are coping with some war-related trauma.

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