Ptsd and then psychosis, or is it really Sz?

i drove into my ex husbands territory today. when I got close enough, I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach, like the anxiety was coming back. I called my friend and she told me to breath in 8 breaths, breath out, should said I sounded quite anxious.

my theory is the stress of living and dealing with pee wee, the father of my 2 girls, has seared a deep gorge into my brain, damaged it, now I have had a psychosis for the past 2 years.

After a short 2 hours at a band concert today, with him in the area, my brain hurts, I have a headache, and I feel like I’ve run a marathon.

My 2 girls and I can hardly speak to each other, this is a horrific situation between us, pee wee is. Pee Wee’s mother is a bitch, their grandmother, and they all sound like the rest of you did, all saying “what’s it hurt if he’s beating off all day” they did not support me at all, and think it’s fine for my kids to be with him. I’m exhausted.

sorry you were feeling bad , hope you are better today.
take care

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Do you have a proffessional to talk to about ptsd? Trauma can cause ptsd both in children and adults. Trauma doesn’t have to be domestic violence, it can be caused by extreme stress. Also psychosis can pop up efter a period of too much stress.

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I am going to talk about it at my next appointment.

I was surprised at how the posts on masturbation set me off (in more ways than one), and how much I actually know about it. I tested my theory yesterday, and it’s true, I think that’s what it is.

I don’t want to hear about masturbation… it has nothing to do with this disease, it’s a sickness all on its own if it’s like the Pee Wee Herman scenario, which in my husbands case it was. I don’t think anyone should say “its ok” here on this site because we honestly don’t know what the folks are doing… we are not doctors either.

I know one day I realized I had Pee WEe Herman in my house, nobody was going to help me, I woke up one night with him standing over my bed, he had been to the Dr and the Dr told me he specialized in sex offenders and started treatment that direction, with both of those incidents I recall I snapped. Felt like I was outside my body, depression, anger outburts the whole nine yards.

I had a girlfriend, who I talked to, who ended up on my workteam. She told everyone my Pee Wee Herman story at work, my co workers freaked out, harrassed me at work.

and back then, I went to the doctor, and he again said “you’ll be ok, everybody masturbates” and sent me home. I was a mess.

First off, I’m sorry you had to go through that! I’ll tell you what went on with me maybe that can help but don’t think I’m trying to compare or neglect what you’ve been through…

I have suppressed what sort of trauma I went through but my mum suspects an abusive relationship or a relationship with an adult that made boys in my school year jealous and they attacked me due to memories of the sort of bullying they did. I do have an attack that’s a vivid memory that occurred though so something definitely happened.

But that’s me and my initial illness was Ptsd which led to undiagnosed psychosis, then Psychotic disorder nos and then schiz. But only because I thought a lot of my PTSD was delusions and hallucinations created by the initial trauma and that chlorpromazine worked and stabilised me.

But I still get nightmares and memories that don’t suspect delusion or
hallucination, I just don’t want to face them.

PTSD has a high stress level as you know and that can lead to psychosis because your brain almost reverts to primitive instincts, looking for threats in everything and also a key part of psychosis is externalising everything, it gets it away from you whereas PTSD is very much about you so psychosis can be thought to be an odd coping strategy. They intertwine quite a lot!

Have you thought about therapy for the PTSD? or someone you can talk it through with? Like mine’s my mum at the moment as I’m looking for someone I can talk my memories through with safely as my current nurse is a man and I don’t want him to feel threatened by me. Talking can help for some people but not everyone, particularly if the trauma is fresh so be aware and think it through as it can open a can of worms in some people, but others it can relieve things, if you would like to talk it through though that’s different too.

Sorry I’ve sort of lectured, my thoughts go out to you and just go steady, one step, one hour, one day at a time!
Take care,

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thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

I do think it’s PTSD related. for years people would tell me “everybody does that!” when I’d ask just how much masturbation is ok. I do think the guy has asbergers or autism, but he’s also a sick jerk. He was such a sick jerk I was afraid to divorce him, still afraid of him.

I got that feeling in my stomach yesterday, I was still 20 miles out. then felt sick the rest of the day, was worried about becoming psychotic again, watch me for the next few days make sure I’m ok :slight_smile:

anothre thing I’ve learned is that he looked psychotic to me, now that I understand what it is. I didn’t know what psychosis was at the time. he would stare at the screen, click back and forth with one hand, beat off with the other hand. he would do this for hours. I finally caught him, watch him, and then he would do this infront of me.

he also had other behaviors, like washing his hands, arranging everything, fear of germs, he thought his barber would die if he got a haircut wo he’d scream at me when he’d want me to shave his head, he’d pretty much scream at me about anything.

I was horrified to see everyone just sit and watch. but now I see how the system works, people do just sit and watch. and now I also see how he went to the Dr and didn’t get committed for this, I see how the process is broken and caregivers suffer.

if you are a caregiver out there, don’t suffer, look what happened to me, it’s bad for your own health, get that person out of your house.

i think TRAUMA does something to the brain i think maybe some schiz symptoms are like having ptsd like hypervigilance etc tcx

Scientist found a way to make people get schizophrenia and they also have mind control devices plus they have listening
Devices f
For hearing our thoughts and microphone that go in your throat ur buddy might be masturbating because someone is controlling him or someone gave you schizophrenia so they use as a test dummy and your friend probably is being tested on also so these people are out there listening to your thought and studying your emotions and how you react to certain situations

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