I know that Psylocibin is consider an hallucinogen mushroom that when you take it and get “high” it can open your mind in a way to acces to the subsconcious.
I was reading in some spanish forums that people with autism got some good reasults in sense of open their mind and know themselves better, wich had a good repercussion at the time of interact with the real world. Too I read some people that get psychotic episodes, so that can be really dangerous, but in my case I’ve never had any great psychosis.

If anyone has prove that or have any information could be interesant to post an experience or opinion.

I don’t know if this content can be post in the forum, if not please delete or blok it, but I’m not inciting anyone to do that, just to discuss.

I heard hallucinogens were found to have antidepressant properties recently? As in they could be used to treat depression? I thought that was interesting. I wish I knew more about the mechanism behind that.

I don’t think hallucinogens are a good idea for people with psychosis. I think we get enough of that from our own brains.


I’ve had major psychotic episodes. I was curious about hallucinogenic drugs because my cousin did acid and said it was awesome and people told me it would open my mind. I discussed this with my doctor because he’s very open to such discussions. He said he didn’t suggest I try with my previous episodes of psychosis because it would most likely cause an episode. So I accept I can’t try these things because of the high risk of a psychotic break. I did read how people treated their depression with it. Where they explored their minds.

I just know if I tried it wouldn’t be all psychedelic but more of seeing the Devil. Lol.

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I saw a video on youtube of a guy with schizophrenia doing salvia which is also a hallucinogen and I don’t think he had a good trip he said the walls were closing in on him

I used to take shrooms in the eighties…fun…I’ve done acid in high school about 50 times. I would not touch the stuff now that I’m schizophrenic though.


I have issues even smoking some weed. Tons of anxiety and paranoia. My thoughts get so loud.

My few experiences with psilocybin have all been quite underwhelming, but that could be because I was on an SSRI at the time. LSD always seemed to have a positive effect on my psyche on balance when I took it (whilst not on an SSRI) though

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I never had a psychosis I think, just delusional ideas, but due to I’m in risk maybe that could be a trigger and be bad for me, or on the other hand could be good and help my negative symptoms, but is a high risk I think…

Who does not risk does not win, but in my life I’ve done yet really bad decisions that got worse my situation, but you never know…

I know there are big meetings with “curanderos”/healings that give it to you and made a typical ceremony, I used to follow it on facebook haha, but I’m a bit fearfull.

I read that a lot of people vomit because it purges all bad vibrations or something like that xD

When I smoke weed I most of time get paranoid-depresive, really bad thoughts about me and my situation, I think like people observe me and think bad things, and my face changes a lot, even so I like give some drag when I’m with friends I don’t know why :roll_eyes::sweat_smile::thinking:

I’m always on SSRI :persevere:
It’s dangerous mix them ?

Not sure whether it’s more dangerous or not, but SSRIs seem to reduce the effects of a lot of psychedelic drugs

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I feel like they observe me and can read my thoughts. I try to stay very quiet and then they are like “Are you okay?”
(Oh no they know) lol

:joy::joy: I can relate with that too

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Actually it was probably due to an antipsychotic, if you were on one. Atypical antipsychotics actually block the receptor LSD binds to, so if you take it while on APs you’re either gonna get a diminished or no effect.

Nah it was shrooms on just an SSRI that did nothing for me. Wasn’t on any psych meds the times I’ve taken LSD and always got a lot from it

Oh hm. I forget what receptors shrooms hit I think I remember them being sort of different from other hallucinogens but I’m not sure. That’s interesting though that ssri’s would block it.

Hallucinogens ruined my Mind!
Steer as far away from them as possible!
If you know what’s good for you.

I don’t imagine most people doing drugs care much about what’s good for them :cold_sweat: Unless they’re trying to quit.

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Well my memories of those days is a blur and I mixed different drugs quite often back then so could be something else that blocked the shrooms

I took acid and psylocibin in high school. I do not promote drugs at all but I have to say that my experiences in high school were interesting and fun. After I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia I have not taken any. I instinctively know that hallucinogens would be very, very bad for an already unstable, fragile mind. In fact a bad trip on acid in 1980 at age 19 was what triggered my disease.I could say a lot more but this kind of sums up how I feel.

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