One afternoon I was walking home from the clubhouse the back way on this old, unused dirt road that went behind this hill. It was out of sight of all people except those who walked on it. I came across these orange mushrooms. There were dozens and dozens of them, and I’m almost certain they had been planted. I picked one and ate a little of it, which was stupid because it could have been poison. Nothing happened to me. Could that have been Psyllicibin that someone had planted?

If nothing happened at all I doubt it was a drug. Shrooms are pretty potent.

Maybe it depends on where you are at.

Pacific Northwest us has there natural trip shrooms.

And I believe the southeast us has the climate to cultivate central American shrooms.

I wouldn’t go around tasting wild shrooms though man… There’s a book that you might have at your library and it has pics and stuff.

I REALLY like Panamanian myself… Always a good time with them.

Those usually arent Psyllicibes, they are Amanitas, like this…

These are Psyllocybes

I didn’t know that.

Are those red ones trippy?

I lived in Alaska for some years and this dude from Puyallup Washington that has family in AK would visit once a year and bring great shrooms.

He said that they literally grow in his back yard.

Before I moved to a state where that stuff is frowned on I used the classic “shotgun” box.

Golden teacher was the norm for me

I got the blue ones in the mail from albuquerque Timothy Leary’s Oaxaca mushroom, he called it. Because it was Timothy Leary’s favorite strain of them. It was the night of Florida state vs. Auburn in the national championship and I had $110 riding on the game, I drank 2 beers also. And ending up screaming really loudly when FSU won the game (because I had bet auburn)…oh it was terrible. But then I ate more and forgot it ever happened. I ended up eating all 14 grams that night. They were tasty. I was off my meds. Went to the hospital not to long after, not for a psychotic break but because my doctor feared I was on the verge of one.

but most of the time it was cubensis for me.

and i had one that started with a G that were real cheap and not that potent, but REAL cheap

i preferred eating 2 grams and walking in the woods than eating a whole 1/8th and losing my mind

Yep it’s about QUALITY not quantity.

I slammed about a12pk then ate 4-5 tops and some stems.

Fawgetaboutit the lights were flashing even though my eyes were closed.

I layed down and SPUN LIKE A TOP

The best in the powdered shrooms…getting a couple grams of that and either making tea or melting some chocolate, peanut butter, cookies and letting it cool then combining it with the powder. damn i miss shrooms. but days like today when my anxiety is really high reminds me i shouldn’t do them again for a long time.

I hear you man… GOD bless.

It’s not that long an article. Yes those could have been poison. There are many different looking pyillcibin mushrooms.