"Psychotic symptoms" vs "psychotic disorder"

When, I wonder, does one cross over to the other? I have a diagnosis that’s not included as a ‘psychotic disorder’ although psychosis can occur within it.
It is however regarded as a “schizophrenia spectrum personality disorder”

In correspondence/notes about my mental health are comments like “Suffers from psychotic symptoms " /“And he has in the past suffered from some delusional thoughts which are now managed by medication”/ " has difficulties with perception”/ “confused and paranoid thinking”

Obviously this suggests something more than plain neurosis is going on and yet it doesn’t cross over into warranting what is known as a ‘psychotic disorder’.

It would however fit into a 'psychosis spectrum encompassing signs of psychosis be they acute/transient or chronic and mild or severe.


Maybe try not to think too much into it.
I also am currently diagnosed with psychotic symptoms, but as it stands, no official psychotic disorder.
Thinking too much about your diagnosis can create more problems.
Be thankful you have not crossed the threshold into a complete disorder. Its better to be on this side of the fence.


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