Psychotic or not psychotic that is the question

One that constantly puzzles me. My mind changes on the issue constantly. Maybe because if there is psychosis it is relatively mild and low key and recognition of it flies under the radar.
I often ask myself why would they have me on a depot if I’m not psychotic?
Are they aware of things that I don’t see because my illness prevents me from doing so? It’s hard to know what to believe especially as the professionals themselves seem ambivalent.
I know they think my thinking can be faulty hence euphemisms like “difficulties with perception” but is faulty thinking necessarily psychotic thinking?
Whether I think I am psychotic or not they obviously think I need the injection as evidenced by their coming to the flat when I had been late for several doses and giving me my jab and a mini lecture.
What I do know is that I am not a simple vanilla flavoured neurotic.

It’s more like does one have psychosis or is one psychopathic. Wish people knew the difference, to say you’re psychotic can mean one the other or both.

What was the situation before you went on this AP? Is it a case of psychosis being adequately managed by the AP and therefore no symptoms, or no symptoms, therefore no psychosis?

I don’t think that faulty perception is psychosis at all,
it’s just one aspect of the illness,
but not something would require a high dose of meds.

Yes, you should still get your shots, and don’t get into that “unwell well”

My current pdoc thought of me as being highly Neurotic, this was before I explained to her about my paranoia and how constant it is for me.

I am pretty sure that paranoia is a psychotic symptom - even if at times they are considered relatively mild.
If paranoia is considered to be a psychotic symptom then I cross over into psychotic territory.

I have had severe delusions and milder hallucinations in the past, but this was when an antidepressant was on board.

@Rhubot Befoire taking the AP regularly via depot- weird thoughts of an intrusive, often sexual nature ie wondering whether I had female parts, thinking if I tried hard enough I could have a female orgasm, paedophilia OCD, Getting into my head that inanimate objects were going to start talking to me , thoughts? entering my head in rapid succession that were unconnected to each other and my main train of thought.

I don’t think I’m “psychotic”. That’s a very strong word to be using. I think it’s still unconfirmed whether or not people exist in other dimensions that can communicate to and/or through us. I think that’s all my schizophrenia amounts to - either A. being extra-dimensionally aware of other people, or B. imagination becoming self-aware/self-evoked/evolved to the point of communicating to me, the host.

To rule out such possibilia is to cloud oneself in complete & total gnostic atheism. I don’t want that form of consciousness, neither do I accept that worldview.