Psychotherapy in Russia

I heard on tv that the Russians give massive doses of Haldol to their mental patients. One of them said, “How do you think you would feel after five viols of Haldol?” Forty milligrams of Haldol a day were enough to put me into a near vegetative state.

Haldol is a blunt tool for me

It is sheer misery. I can’t imagine taking five viols of it.

I was only on 15mg and it wasn’t like a tired sedating, but it literally just numbed me completely

Back when they first diagnosed me I was on Haldol, but I usually “cheeked it” and spit it out later. I did not like it. Of course, I was resistant to all Antipsychotics at that point.

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It gives me the most ■■■■■■ up feeling. First I will try to get rid of the feeling by walking back and forth, but that doesn’t get rid of it, then I’ll try sitting down to get rid of the feeling, but it doesn’t go away. Then I’ll want to lay down, but that does not help too. I spend the whole day trying to get that ■■■■■■ up feeling out of my head.

How much is a viol? I never heard that unit of measurement before.

Yow, I’ve cheeked it too. They often check on that though.

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I don’t know, but it sounds like enough to hold a hellish dose of Haldol. I’m afraid that when I get really old I will go to a medicaid/medicare nursing home, where I will be treated with Haldol, and not Geodon and Seroquel. I don’t know how I am going to get out of that.

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Yeah, it’s cheap, so I wouldn’t be surprised. People like cheap. But maybe our antipsychotics will be old and cheaper by then.

That’s what I’m hoping.

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