Not entirely sure why you’re being so condescending but okay lol. I said they don’t REMOVE anything

I apologize for my glibness. I just don’t understand why you think the fact that they don’t remove anything makes it safer. They’re still cutting into your brain, and you’ll still have the scars and the risk of brain swelling due to oxygen exposure.

I know it has inherent risks, I’m not saying it’s ideal or something everyone with ocd should do, I’m saying it’s something I would do because I think it would be worth it for me PERSONALLY.

I’m aware that’s what you’re saying. I’m trying to share my experience with eternal pain thanks to my brain surgery so you’ll hopefully reconsider and realize the pain you’re in now sucks, but not as much as permanent brain damage would suck. You don’t have to be nasty to everyone just because we all disagree with you.

What did cause the brain damage? Would you like to share with us? If you want.

I’m not being nasty? I was irritated that you were being condescending, I think that’s a valid response

I’m sorry but just because I have an opposing point of view doesn’t mean I’m being nasty

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