Psychosis....the yellow brick road

yes it is happy time , i have officially arrived in psychosis land again, i can feel it coming on , i am finding it hard to concentrate and spell , yipee .
i love it when you have this primal anger coming up from inside and you want to kill everyone.
" hey , lion, scarecrow, tin man , Dorothy and Toto we are going on a psychedelic stroll down the yellow brick road. "
" watch out everybody the wicked witch is dive bombing us ! "(dark sith strikes her down with his lightsaber).
but this is why i live in the countryside, see you all tomorrow !
"lets go Dorothy and gang , lets go and meet the great wizard of Oz. "
take care

I’m sorry your head is doing this again. I hope you feel better very soon.

I admire how you seem to manage to just roll with it. Your right of course, there’s not much else to do but ride it out.

Take care as well.

thanks J and i hope your family are well.
take care

when im in psychosis i don’t realize it it seems so natural…

Same here with. It makes perfect sense to me. But there is one or two tiny little things around the edges that let me know the head circus is gearing up again. If two specific things begin to happen, then I know… Oh, it’s back to the head circus.

it sucks you have to go through this. I hate seeing others suffer from psychosis DX