Psychosis Stories

What are some of the most interesting psychosis stories you have?

Mine was acting like a prophet of god for a minute.

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Mine was thinking I was dead and in some afterlife while in the hospital, while simultaneously believing I was alive and some kind of spy while outside the hospital. It wasn’t a fun moment when I realised both couldn’t be true. That’s how far gone I was.

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Been there, it is no fun. I never want to go back into that state. It is interesting to look back on though.

I was um… preparing to burn down a church… prefer not to go into detail.

I should say there was a previous topic like this

i went to beast myself with others (aggression) and thinking that my parents werent my parents(thinking that i was adopted) wow… i am still struggling cause my brain doesnt function anymore

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That’s the 2nd episode I had. It’s a bit long but interesting. It’s like a prophet story

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Now that I think about it I have a better one. I thought my family was the real Waltons and we were billionaires. That we lived a poor life just so they could teach me.

spent years trying to train my younger siblings how to thwart kidnappers… thought they were being tracked… we were always keeping watch for “them” who ever they were.

thought I was being tapped to be a Zen Master

Used to think there were tracking devices sewn into my clothing… would end up naked in public a lot.

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This may not be a good thread. Now we are giving each other bad ideas.

Dude i forever hate jesus for this ■■■■. I’m never going to church again.

Atheism is the way!!!

Or possibly Buddhism.

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Found a buried Mother ship & was leader of the Light side Alien resistance to the Dark Alien forces. Was being monitored & under surveillance by SIS.

I found out that someone I knew had a similar last name as a secret billionaire. I thought he was super rich. He wasnt.