Psychosis & semantics

Mere supposition based on semantics : Can psychosis be the result of a defective metempsychosis. Some kind of of bug occured during the reincarnation process which could explain the feeling of strangeness to this world, connection with parallel universes or attraction to the mystical felt by many schizophrenics. :interrobang:

No clue. I try to stay away from scientific explanations. Omniscience is overrated. I’d rather be omnipotent & just relax. I just want to be a character in the novel of this & future Universe(s), play my roles & be done. I don’t need to know everything, just have to have good instincts & play my role correctly.

Life to me is an act, not a game or a test. When I mean ‘act’ I don’t necessarily mean the fake acting that happens in Hollywood, I’m talking natural actions & reactions and learning to be what you are supposed to be, not something you are not.