Psychosis or mania from dealing with illness or death of a loved one?

have any of you experienced mania or psychosis from dealing with the death or illness of a loved one? ive heard this happens sometimes. ive heard sometimes meds are increased for a temporary time to deal with it. has this been the case for any of you?

i have a loved one who got diagnosed with a terminal illness. i’m currently experiencing a lack of sleep and an elevated mood, which fits given i’m szaffective. during my prodromal phase nine years ago before i got struck by major sz i had major grief that was all in my head about this loved one being sick, even though they really weren’t at the time.

My psychiatrist temporarily raised my risperidone dose when my Mom was dying in Hospice.
I’m back to my regular dose now.

My Mom passed away in September.

God Bless her.

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what symptoms were you experiencing that caused the doc to raise the meds?

Elevated mood and depression.
I suffer with bipolar disorder/SZA

Hang in there @Linate

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