Psychosis journals

Stumbled across these gems today. Have no idea where my mind was, and I’d be lying if I said I knew what any of it meant. Must’ve been way down the rabbit hole.IMG_20190101_123434


It looks like some pretty heavy math equations. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

I used to take notes on my old phone. They were pretty messed up.

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I’m just not sure what the equations were for :’) I’m sure i knew at the time haha

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I made poems and drawings while I was psychotic and manic years ago.
Some pretty dark stuff.

I got rid of my poems and drawings during this time.


I’m pretty sure 7x3 doesn’t equal 111

And 4 doesn’t equal 148

Maybe in psychosis it does though

(From the first page)

Good work otherwise, nonetheless :blush:

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I think I keep them to remind me of how bad it was, how much better I’m doing now. It’s a good reminder of how dark psychosis can get.
Some of my own artwork terrifies me though,
I’m sure I’ve thrown out alot too.


I found a couple of poems and drawings but I wish I didn’t throw most of them out.

I’m pretty sure you’re right haha. Maybe the three represented the amount of times I added a different number to it?
I have no clue if am honest:’)

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At first I thought it read 1 x 3=111

Which makes some sense because one three times is 111

But then I reread it had to question it

I have a lot of notebooks like this too

Looking through one right now I would write down my symptoms and goals for recovery too

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I figured it out, was 37x3, page is just torn.
That’s good, being aware and writing down goals.
I don’t think I knew I was sick yet,
Definitely was lacking insight lmao

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Your journals look very similar to what I’ve done. I also draw circles and equisions and stuff. I did a lot on my pc but deleted it after many years. Somehow I found a copy of the stuff the other day.

I remember my work on how you can work your way out of psychosis. I did not even knew what psychosis where at the time since it was before my diagnosis and I had zero insight.

I remember having many “eureka” moments during my writings and drawings.


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