Psychosis is so scary

I dunno about you guys but psychosis is really scary.

I’m not saying more than that and maybe some of you understand that.

I don’t know


For me, the worse part of psychosis is lack of control. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:


You nailed it. That’s the scariest part of this illness!


Yeah, it’s pretty weird. I don’t like it.


I gained a lot of wisdom after my 2 episodes

I learned that life is unfair and it’s unpredictable

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Hey I learnt the same thing exactly.

But I find it hard to accept! Lol :sweat_smile:

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@xdanny if you are muslim, are you able to pray the 5 daily prayers

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When you know life is unfair deeply from your heart
You will accept

I recommend reading the book
"The radical acceptance of everything " by Ann Cornell

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Thankyou very much :pray:

It is funny cos Osho said

Joy is immense acceptance.

How ironic that life is unfair can bring me joy.

Hi @Abdallah Your name is the same as mine
Yes I pray but I found difficulty in timing the prayers due to my long sleeping hours.

Btw where are you from?

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I live in canada but i’m somali

Mashallah greetings
Nice to meet you @Abdallah
I am from saudi arabia

I also sleep a lot. About 12½h. Also I never wake or go to sleep at the same time. It sucks! I wish I could wake up early every morning but it’s impossible. I have trouble falling asleep. :frowning:


I learned that my first day of high school.


@xdanny nice to meet you too. I love saudi arabia for the sake of Allah . You are lucky . I have hard time with salat so i like to ask other muslims if they also have hard time with it

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I appreciate you saying that, that means a lot to me.
Try your best in prayer may god help us all

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Definitely is 15 characters

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The most scary part of my psychosis is that I have a severe and violent schizophrenia with no insight I have accepted that I need 20 mg Zyprexa or more.

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You can day that again

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