Psychosis is a reaction to the insanity of people in your close proximity during the start of the psycosis

Think back… who were around you at the start of your psychosis. Those peoples unconcious insanity is what caused your psychosis. You were sane ,you reacted to other peoples unconcious madness.

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Does a knife wielding that count?

Why is this in the news category? Is there some research to back your assertion? I can see how someone would come up with this idea, but the question I am asking is: do people around us really behave in an insane manner, or is this how our declining judgment interprets said behavior? It is the same old question, which came first the chicken or the egg?

I did and still do.

I was off with the fairies. I had no idea of what was real and thought a lot of stuff was going on which clearly wasn’t. Even though I look back and find myself knowing that all the birds were controlled by ASIO ( Australian version of the CIA ).

Years later I take the ground that I might have been a little bit batshit crazy. That fits the profile!

No thats all my imagination and personal opinion. Somewhere in mindexplosion i made that assumption. There is no reaseach done. Its up to you if you wanna make your own little reaseach. But yes people behave in an insana manner. They are hateful to me for no reason. Some hold themselves back and the anger is just in their muscles but some actually say insanely hateful things to me.

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i was totally isolated. i think your theory has no basis and the fact that you have stated it as if it were a fact is laughable.

And ur own, what makes u so special?