Psychosis Involving Media and Sz

I’ve been hospitalized 5 times for my affliction over the last 10 years…

Each time I felt the Media was playing a cruel and twisted joke on me. That 6 billion people were mocking me…on TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers…etc.

Have any of you shared an experience like this? Like the whole world, through Media, was out to get you?

Just curious…

Yes I’m thinking of going out of writing/blogging and into full time work and they are now saying good riddance you made us dumber.

I think blogging is a good thing, but I have NO desire to blog about life with SZ. It’s just not that interesting. Besides, I worry more about my weight so if I should be talking about anything, it’s that.

The weird thing about this week is that I picked up a few threats in the attention I got, but they wound up leaving me feeling more mentally healthy. Always comforting to know there’s someone worse off than you?!?


I also felt the Doctors and Nurses were actors who were all in on the joke against me.

Hey, Pix…

You know you’ve finally arrived or made it when you start getting death threats. Hell, Ann Murray even had a stalker!

WTF? How messed up was THAT dude! lol!

(I bet your threats came from the Elizabeth May camp btw)

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Funny the mental ones always make me feel more sane and the normal and healthy ones always make me feel sick.

I don’t think of it as a joke but more like bugs really annoying.

Me At Las Angeles Screen Actors Guild Not Applicable…

I’ll never forget that one. I broke down Meat Lasagna into the above acronym. I thought the cook at the psych ward was purposely making fun of me!

lol! You can’t make stuff like this up, folks!

What is “normal” in the “whole world?” Is it “reliable comprehension of reality?” Or is it 'belief-bound mis-appraisal according to instruction by the authorities?

And who are the “authorities?” Aren’t they just those quoted by… the media?

I got my first college degree in Journalism and Political Science. I used it to bamboozle the media into hoodwinking the majority of the property-owning voters in a major city to stand still for a redevelopment scheme that would have cost each one of them several hundred – to many thousands of – dollars in property taxes over the next 30 years. And had not Howard Jarvis come up with Proposition 13 a few years later to put the kybosh on that ■■■■, they would have had to pay it.

And believed in what I was doing because the “good guys” paid me to do it.

I understand now that we live in a pyramid-shaped cult-ure controlled by the consciously cynical at the top manipulating the increasing un-conscious “normals” on the lower levels of the bricks that make up that societal structure. But I had to acquire an understanding of “structuralism” (from informed people like our very own @Sarad , btw) to grasp that.

“Idiots decide elections”

  • Jacques Parizeau

My problem during my psychosis was I believed everyone else was just as crazy as I was…creatively, so to speak. When in actuality they were just normal people going about their boring, mundane lives.