Psychosis interfering with spirituality

Does anyone else have delusions or hallucinations that interfere with their spiritual life?

I have a lingering thing with religious grandiosity and it makes me afraid to surrender to a higher power. My stuff makes me frequently suicidal, so I need to not be fully in it.

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I forgot to include: if so, what helps?

Is it possible to think of it in terms of being in good spirits, having good intentions? Remove religiosity from it completely

I struggled much with turning myself over to a higher power as well. It’s not that I wasn’t willing, it just didn’t seem to lead me anywhere

Maybe it’s just another way of saying, I have no control over the world

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Hey rocket. I tried surrendering to a higher power with AA. Before Covid19 they started a secular AA group that I liked a lot. But the last I heard they weren’t meeting anymore.

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Yeah, AA is where all this is coming up for me. :wink:



I Love To Be Unmedicated. My Spiritual Language With Even Those Critter Ticks Becomes Deeply Personal, In A Good Way. Among Every Limb Or Leaf On The Ground. Among Every Pup In Every Backyard. And Then Negatively, Among, Well…, The Idea That Everyone Wants To Kill Me. EVERYONE.

It’s A Thin Wire To Balance On Realistically.

I Fought With The Clinic I Go To For Years About Medication. Been To Endless Facilities. Which I Must Say…, Treated Me Very Well. And I Could Finally Get A Good Night’s Rest.

To See, And Hear, What Others Do Not Can Be Frustrating I Admit. Sometimes I Jus Want To Climb The Statue Of Liberty And Scream ‘GOD IS REAL’!!!.

But!, The Police, AND The People There, Probably Wouldn’t Like That Kind Of Behavior.

Point Is, , ,

Only Allow Positive, Hopeful, Happy Things Into Your Life. Negativity Is Useless, And Silly. As Silly As The Word Silly May Sound. Seeking Redemption Is What I Was Doing For The Longest Time. During My Stay At A Place With Nothing Good For Me At All. Meaning They Didn’t Want Me To Even Overcome My Battles With Society. And Those Who Wrongly Judge What They Don’t Understand.

You Don’t Have To SURRENDER To A Higher, “power”. Thus Word Surrender Is More For Allowing Yourself To Let The Light In. Much More Opposite Than The Idea Of Being Mauled By Darth Vader. I Haven’t Seen A Movie In Years, UGH!.

N e Hoo.

I Have Confused Myself. If You Have Any Questions With What I Have Said, Feel Free To Ask Me To Surrender Myself Into Your Questions And Answer Appropriately.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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Switching to Abilify helped me a lot. I think it was @everhopeful that had an article of a study that Abilify helps Alcoholics stop drinking. In my case the mood swings went away which were triggering me to drink.


I quit drinking long before I started Abilify, but the Abilify definitely helped me stabilize after the fact. I feel much better now


Here’s the link:

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I take Haldol for the crazies and Lamictal for mood swings. I’ve been on Abilify before; I don’t remember why I got off it. Probably weight gain.

I just picked up my 9 months chip. The longest I’ve made it so far. knock on wood

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(By) (The) (Way)

Psychosis Is Spirituality.





Uh Huh!.

(((Trigger Warning Be Cautiously Optimistic With Your Spiritual Beliefs)))

Remember That Gravity Still Exist’s And So Does The Rest Of “real” Reality.


Karma, To Serendipity, Deja-Vu And The Rest Is Real As Well.

Well Maybe.

What Does Serendipity Even Mean Fully?.

I’m Not Sure Exactly. I Might Need To Study.

Jus Be Safe, Women, Men, Young Adults, And Aliens!.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Unless Karma Is Actually Jus Probability And The Tool To Prove It, Hasn’t Been Invented Yet.


Hang in there rocket. The last two years I’ve only been able to make it 3 to 6 months. Ever since being suicidal the Spring of 2019. Maybe this time I’ll make it past six months.

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I’m Catholic and it sometimes interferes with my spiritual life.

When I was very delusional, I went to see a priest about it because I thought something was trying to possess me. When I finished my confession, the priest said, “Please go to the ER right now. You’re not well and if not go see a psychologist.”

I actually took his advice and went to the ER.

When I was in Canada, my priests were aware of my mental health condition and they often helped me when I was delusional or psychotic. My advice would be to talk to your priests about what’s going on (you don’t have to disclose your mental illness) and ask them for advice.

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Ya, I guess. But it also made me spiritual. It’s just I got my own view of things. I hate it.

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Can I Speak About God For One Fraction Of A Second Here?.

Will The Mod’s Allow It?.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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I have my own religion I created lol

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If You’re Not Trying To Control, Or Hurt Anyone.

If You Are Doing Your Best With What You Got, Not Hurting Yourself And Trying To Help Along The Way. You Pretty Much Have The Free Backstage Pass To Pure Happiness.

And That About Sums It Up.

Keep Your Imagination Intact.

Keep Your Pure Clarity.

And Watch Out For What Wants To End Your Dreams. Mostly Out Of Jealousy.

We Are All Created Equal. Some Choose The Wrong Way. Some Choose The Right Way.

And Each Pathe Is Our Own Way.

Unique And Gorgeous In Our Own Free Spirits.

Ok Rant Over.


Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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It happens to me. The best way I try to maneuver through it is to realize my intentions and my will is the highest law there is and I should just let go of any restrictions I put on to myself and let my thoughts roam in chaos.

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Isn’t That Dangerous?.., You Could Get Into An Accident.

Maybe Even Hit By A Car If You’re Walking Ya’know?.

Unless You Mean In Art. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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Why would it be dangerous? Containing your thoughts will lead to more distortion since there is no release, in chaos there is an ironic order wether you believe it or not. In art? I mean in spirituality or wherever you feel the need to apply it. In my world which is just that a perspective anything goes everything is true.

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