What can I do if a friend is completely psychotic
What can I do?Like endless delusions
He stopped taking his meds a while ago cold turkey
And it’s to the point of dangerous
Could I call the police to explain that to them?

Convince him to go back on meds.

I recently went off meds for a few days and my condition deteriorated. I’m pretty much dependent on them, it seems.


If you know someone who is a danger to themselves or others you should call for help, yes.


What do delusions look like?
Do heavy attachments to over stressful situations seem like a psychotic situation
For example
Taking everything the wrong way

I would feel bad if someone would have called the cops on me. So I would say that they should be informed about their condition and I would be happy if you said it any time soon.

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What’s a good way to tell someone they are having psychotic symptoms without offending them?

Why don’t you try to sympathize with him and maybe he will listen.

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