Psychosis and recovery

I have had psychosis for 3 years now and the positive symptoms are under control but there is no appetite at all whatever I do I do it by force is there a chance that this will get better with time?

It did with me. It’s still a work in progress though and it’s been a slow grind over the years.

What do you mean it did it with you sry iam asking but some phrase in English i dont understand them

It means there is a chance that things will get better over time because things got better for me. I wouldn’t sit and wait for things to get better though, taking actionable steps helps keep you motivated and I’m not talking about mere actions, doing things that foster the mental connections you want to recover can stuck up small improvements over time, leading to significant change in the course of years.

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Thanks i will try to do my best

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I lost like 60-70 pounds in a previous episode. Was too ill to eat anything.