Psychosis and Poison

Did anyone else feel that they were being poisoned prior to going into psychosis?

I ended up eating and drinking nothing but bread and water just prior to admission to hospital.


I felt like I was being poisoned during psychosis. Like my family was poisoning me


yes that is a verry very common delusion. i have thought i was being posioned multiple times


I just wonder, as I am reading a lot about the gut, psychosis and antipsychotics, and wondering how they all interrelate, especially since I have had a bad gut for 4 years prior to SCZ.

There have been some papers linking gluten to psychosis,and in particular Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

Perhaps the poison delusion comes about from the fact we are actually getting poisoned from our guts.

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Yesssss!! 155555

One of my relatives actually was putting herbal medicines in my food and drink without my knowledge or consent just before my biggest psychotic episode. They admitted it. It isn’t always a delusion.

Yes I felt like my ex and daughter in law where poison my food or they were trying to starve me this happened before I was admitted to the hospital

Yes I thought my mum was trying to poison my food.

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