Psychosis and Late ADHD

So, I just took this quiz on psychcentral which said what I kind of knew already: I have a big problem with my attention span. I never used to have this attention problem before my psychotic episodes. Before, I could play hours of video games or read hours of books at a time. I did not have attention problems as a child…maybe a bit of a daydreamer during my teen years, but I could still read for hours.

I wonder if my psychotic episode destroyed my attention (aside from the negative symptom in sz) and triggered a late onset of adhd? Or is it just a severe negative symptom without adhd?

Would adhd medicine work for extreme lack of attention? Does my sz negative symptoms mimic adhd or do I genuinely have adhd now?

Whatever it is, it just occurred to me that I can regain my attention and get back to reading Haruki Murakami novels that are like 1,000 pages long…
Does sarcosine treat this by itself or should I tell my doctor to give me more medicine specifically for attention? Thanks!