Psychology of forum name

I used to be insecure about being short in height, but ever since I changed my name to Big Jon, I feel bigger. And I’m not insecure anymore. When I was talking to that girl the other day I pointed out 3 times that she was tall and every time she smiled and laughed and then smiled some more. I think she liked the fact that I liked she was tall, as well as liking that I wasn’t insecure about being short. I feel changing my screen named to Big Jon has turned a switch in my head somewhat, it’s strange. It’s kind of like I “own it” and now no more insecurity.

Life is good.


That is great dude…


thanks @magicfish you are a great support. Maybe if you post enough you will start to believe you are a magical fish ha ha

It’s great you have overcome your insecurities @Jonnybegood


Haha yea man I don’t come to often, I think we normally at different times also. I forget to read my posts often aswell lol

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Its funny cuz I was talking to my parents about “culture” today and I said how almost any culture in the world I could relate to because of this forum. And I wish I could meet more people from other cultures. And my dad said “talk to your neighbors who are South African then” and I say “I wish they would talk to me, because I know a lot about South Africa now (because of you @magicfish)” and I said that “I would like to ask them about Die Antwoord?” And then I showed my mom Die Antwoord. And I wondered if they like them or not. They are rich South Africans that moved to USA they seem pretty well-off, but they are also young so I think they might be hip enough to like Die Antwoord.

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Good going j …keep it up…!!!

Yea ask them haha. They prob won’t know them though, unless they young…

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