Psychology input can reduce medication?

I was just told that if I get accepted on another psychology program, at the end of it, potentially I might not have to be on as high doses of medication

This doesn’t really make much sense to me

Can anyone here confirm or dismiss this statement?

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what is that psychology program? you mean like a college class or something different?

It will be working one to one with a psychologist doctor, maybe for like 10-15 weeks doing CBT or something like that. Not really sure.

My case worker is going to a panel on the 2nd March to try and get their approval, so not sure what will happen

Just he mentioned that if it’s successful I should be able to cope with less meds


oh that would be nice huh =)

I hope you will get the approval for it and can reduce your meds. So you not gonna stop them abruptly like you said last time?

I will try not to do that. As much as I want off them, I’d be kidding myself that the withdrawal won’t completely screw with me when I need to be working from next week

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ah good to hear that! i thought it wouldn’t be good for you to stop totally like that… i’m glad to hear you decided otherwise.


I manage well on lowest dose and am unsure if psychology programs like those helps, seems useless to me

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CBT does require some practice, but I have found parts of it very useful. One of the issues they identify is jumping to conclusions.

My thoughts go something like this… I left someone a message, and they still haven’t called me back yet. They must be angry with me.

It never turns out to be true, and CBT encourages me to question these beliefs or these conclusions that I jump to

I’m slowly getting better at it. That is of course, one small aspect of it

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Yes, there has been a lot of studies that show different psychological treatments can reduce the need for medication. It can also reduce relapse frequency and improve quality of life and functioning.

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This is good news. The last psychologist I worked with wasn’t that great. Hopefully this new guy can get me on this program!

Thanks @anon9798425

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Yeah you need to find someone you can work well with.

Family groups and other groups are also effective with sz.

But of course it’s not really an alternative to medication.

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