Psychologists influence your thinking

A young female psychologist to whom i go at hospital when it need writes down some ■■■■■■■■ in my files which are not totally true about me, i dont want to give details but she writes bad stuff about me and when i read my files from outpatient hospitalization it makes me sick and feel low as for my mood. So yes they write negative things and affects me. Flip off psychologists :rage:

I didn’t like my psychologist either. I stopped seeing her as she wouldn’t let me see what she was writing down.

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Mine dictates everything in front of me so there are no secrets. She really gets how to calm a paranoid mind.


I had two psychologists who rather than helping me to cope better pushed the “If you want to be a good person…” line as though I was a moral degenerate.

When you have psychologists doing that kind of thing it makes you wary of them .

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I seriously don’t want to know what they write about me. One of them let me know they didn’t like how I dress so I quit caring what they think.

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