Psychologist/Psychiatrist in Brooklyn?


I’m looking for a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist that can help me with cyclothymia/bipolar disorder. I really think I should be on medication. Does anyone have any recommendations?

As my friend recommend Edward Gelber, M.D., Board-Certified Psychiatrist in Brooklyn

Now, I also need to be clear about him.

And need other option.

I don’t know how it works in the USA but in Europe you generally go to your family doctor first and then they refer you to a psychiatrist. Best of luck!

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Hmm. But need your recommendation about him.

there are thousands of Drs in Brooklyn there is no way of knowing who he is from what you wrote.

Hey @talhayousuf, welcome to the forums. I hope you’ll stick around here. Unfortunately, we have to respect the anonymity of our users, and that means we don’t talk about specific places they live or doctors they might have seen. If you’re looking for a rating on your doctor, you can check out

Best of luck in finding a doctor!

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