Psychologist played matchmaker

Before my diagnosis I saw a psychologist for some years. He kept on telling me that there was nothing wrong with me. It was not long after my divorce.

He had a patient who had severe OCD he wanted to introduce to me. I agreed to meet up with her. We went on a few outings. She then invited me for a weekend to a family gathering.

It was a disaster. I was not working at the time. She told everyone beforehand that I was a writer. Everybody wanted to know how many books I had published and what I’m working on.

I slept the entire weekend and avoided contact with all her family. Today as I look back I can understand that I had prodromal symptoms of severe social withdrawal and the tiredness and lack of drive and motivation that comes with negative symptoms of sz.

Needless to say the girl was angry at me because of my behavior. We never saw each other again.

I think she was embarassed about the fact that I was not working that is why she told her family I was a writer.

Have any of you been hooked up by someone? How did it go?

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No my therapist always says “I wish I could play matchmaker but I can’t” If she was ashamed that you were not working and had to lie to her family about your profession she definitely isn’t the one for you!


Yeah! :smile: A friend’s girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to introduce me to her sister. Then when it was apparent that we were getting on something flipped in my friend’s girlfriends brain and she bought the evening to a close.

This was way before I was diagnosed.


People can act very strange. I’m sure it was not because of you she ended the evening. Maybe she had some unresolved issues of her own.

I think she definetely had! :smile:


My mom constantly tried to set me up with her friends’ sons. I would have been more interested in their daughters!