Psychologist or psychiatrist driven mental health care

I am not sure psychologists are any more altruistic and pure than psychiatrists or whether going down a predominantly psychologist based route of care would drastically improve outcomes.
I think what matters is the ability of the psychiatrist/psychologist to think holistically and incorporate political and social advocacy into their toolbox to reduce distress/mental illness/psychological problems.
It is not enough just to medicate to reduce symptoms(although medication has it’s uses), but a more concerted effort to tackle the reason why symptoms develop and take hold and to reduce triggers is needed.

It can be no coincidence that the increasing domination of neoliberalism has seen increased security for the few at the expense of the psychological/psychiatric well being of the many


we’re to be moving toward patient driven health care, that’s where it should be. patient driven.

but when you’re locked in a psych ward, there is not ‘patient centered’, its all about swallow a useless pill because the judge says you have to . doctor can’t explain how the pills actually work (because we all know they really don’t), and drug companies just want to make their buck, I’m too angry about this, I should quit reading this forurm.

i’m an avid cyclist who developed MG. or perhaps I’m a schizophrenic too. but Sz is far from what is really the problem, my immune system is raiding my body.

doctor driven health care has been around too long, forget them,they put down a Dx code, get their pay, move onto the next victim. medicine, it’s to be patient driven.

i think that’s it for me here on these forums. I feel like I’m the only patient fighting to figure out what’s actually wrong with me.

don’t just sit there people, get up off your butts, you have to figure this out on your own, you may just have another real health problem, and your Sz is just a symptom of it. I see alot of folks here, the victim, swallowing their pills, listening to these ‘doctors’. Not me.

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I’m amazed at how wrong one paragraph can be.

Since it seems like most of the ‘victims’ who take their meds and listen to their doctors are the ones doing well, I’d say you’re wrong here too.


I swallow my pills because I have listened to myself.

It’s good if your illness turns out to be because of another health problem but I don’t think it’s that common. You had clues - symptoms.

nope, this is how it is for me. I don’t have Sz in my opinion, after hearing all of your stories. Here’s what I have, but it got labeled Sz.
The psych meds have never worked. but this mestinon does.

the psychiatrists, really. I’ve been into the psych ward. I sit there, nobody talks to me so I can explain this, nobody believes my droopy eye stories and what not. I sit there, forced to take meds, until I get out. My acetycholine seems to come back after a couple dsays of rest, and then I’m ■■■■■■ over by the freaks in the psych hospital. They don’t even say boo to me, and if I say something, doesn’t matter what it is, I’m ignored, treated like furniture.

so, don’t tell me I’m wrong. You are wrong to tell me that I am wrong.

If you don’t have sz, then why are you here? If your Mestinion works, then what’s the problem?

figured this out last week, I have been logged out for a couple days.
there is no problem, life is beautiful. but, i bet a large percentage of the people on the forum suffer from this neurotransmitter problem, in similar but different ways.

and there’s new research that Sz is a TH2 autoimmune disorder, I have an autoimmune disorder, and if you’ve been tagged with Sz, you probably do too